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Learn To Free Yourself from Anxiety

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Anxiety is a disorder that can range in many different stages and degrees and it rooted in fear. Whether you experience mild or extreme anxiety, there are steps you can take to calm down and self-sooth. Try standing up straight; take the tension out of your upper body and shoulders. Have your feet shoulder width apart and take 3-5 deep long breathes. Taking slow breaths reminds your body it is safe. Try to keep yourself from hunching over if you feel anxiety coming on.

When you're anxious, you're often caught in a (negative) thought loop.

This exercise is a way to get back into your body and stop anxiety fast:

Look around and name 5 things you can see.

List 5 sounds you can hear.

Move 5 parts of your body you can feel (i.e. rotate your ankle, wiggle your ears, nod your head up and down).

It might sound silly to you, but this works.

Do something else. Distract yourself from the chatter in your mind. Get up from where you are and take a small walk. Get a glass of water or make a cup of tea. Listen to your favourite song, one that calms you down or brings you joy. Smell your favourite scent - lavender, sage, rosemary or whatever you love the most. The best possible way to get you out of that anxiety loop is self-love - taking the time to take care of you.

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