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Connection or Con?

In every life there is closeness and there is distance. Time, space the physical the emotional the head and the heart. In the dim of dawn I questioned where one begins and ends when it comes to true connection. If connection and closeness are what we as humans truly desire, then what is in us that is disconnected, unattached, yearning for more? If we have distance in our connections are they really connected? I see and hear people everyday communicating and cohabitating, are they truly connected? Connected to themselves? To others? Or is this just a con for our spirits to feel a moment of connection without the investment, without the roots, without the authenticity we crave? For me connection is instant when the other person is emotionally available. In that I mean, out of their own thoughts and internal dialog questioning every moment of outer stimulation. That sensation when you feel within minutes as if you have known this human for centuries...

When we listen more to the inner narrator, our minds, our own inner critic we lose all confidence in our nature born ability to connect. We lose confidence in our own worth and we question our passion and our purpose. Trust disappears and doubt reigns supreme.

What if you could start living a life full of connection, a life full of trust and a life full of positive thoughts and energy? What if I told you right now you can? What life would you start to live right now. What connections would you create. What would your world transform into? When you get to that thought and when you have the image of this glorious connected, positive, free and fulfilling life...what would you say, what would you answer be if I asked you, "What are you waiting for?

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