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Gosh I adore Leesa! She’s so skilled, authentic and radiates kind understanding. And that laugh! Beautiful! I laughed I cried and ultimately I feel hopeful for the future.

I booked a Life Coaching Session with Leesa to help me build on the momentum I’d gained from the inner work I began during 2020 in a group setting. To prepare for our meeting she sent me a Discovery Questionnaire comprised of a dozen deceptively easy questions – a very interesting and enlightening exercise in itself to complete. Within minutes of the start of our Zoom, Leesa picked up that I was struggling with what I wanted to do that’s exciting. Huh. With laser-focus she saw what I was trying to hide and coaxed it into the light with compassion. With Leesa I felt very safe; she was at ease with my messy emotions as they roller coastered from laughing to sobbing and back again. During our session Leesa didn’t tell me what to do but rather she helped lift me up so I can be my best possible self, going forward with confidence and enthusiasm. She also worked on the whole package that is me - mind body soul, hopes dreams triggers. After the session I felt kinda wrung out from my emotional incontinence hahaha yet ultimately energized, cared for, heard, supported – and hopeful! Leesa followed-up with a beautiful recap of our session and just reading it brought tears to my eyes – it really just zoomed right in on what we’d discussed, what I was feeling, what I dream of. The time we shared has given me the courage to embrace change and look to the future.

And oh yes, she helped me discover what excites me. Yay! Thanks Leesa!!


"I felt I connected with Leesa immediately. It’s not that I don’t work hard. It’s not that I don’t know my goals. What Leesa brought to me was the challenge to step out of my comfort zone and try new approaches and directions with my business. I ended up crossing lines that I had created for myself in my past practices, and found the outcome was surprising and rewarding. It motivated me to make more changes and try new things. It’s nice to have Leesa to check in with during the process and outcome. Co-workers told me they could see the difference and that they liked it, that was a special moment for me.


"Where does one begin to describe a coaching experience with Leesa Vreugde? This incredible powerhouse will inspire you to step into your fears because that’s where true growth happens. She will help guide you to success through her amazing insights and her exceptional knowledge. To top it all off she will do all of this with a sense of ease, elegance, and a shining smile on her face that makes you feel calm and confident. I would highly recommend her services!"

- RN

I have worked with a coach in my previous job and was a bit reluctant to try another. It didn’t seem like there was any movement at all, or at least none that I could identify right away.

When I first spoke with Leesa I felt an instant connection, like we have been talking for years. The amount that I shifted in my business right after our first call was measurable. Leesa’s foresight, energy and authenticity managed to clear though my old patterns.

After working with her for several months the growth I’ve personally had in my business is impressive and far more than I would have set my sights on. I’ve found a new gear, I’ve leveled up and I’m exceeding my quarterly goals consistently and I’m more energized than I have been in years! 


As a corporate businessman, it was very difficult to imagine how a coach could help my day to day office and personnel challenges. I am a 24-year veteran to my industry and have always prided myself on being on the cutting edge. When I heard, a colleague speaking about the changes he had experienced with his “Coach” I was sceptical to say the least.  I have been converted.

Truly. Imagine someone has a spotlight and is illuminating areas in your world that have never seen the light of day. I had no idea this type of work existed. To tell me a year ago that I was going to become a master at becoming less of a corporate boss and more of a Leader who can communicate with his team, relate to challenges instead of reacting to them and having the tools to restructure and clarify my values. Leesa has been pivotal in my transition and helped alter my world, my team and my connection to my wife and family. I am a living breathing convert. Her impact has been life altering. 


I thoroughly enjoyed our coaching sessions. It was a cross between coaching and counselling.  I feel like we just scratched the service as we need to know how we work and what our thoughts and beliefs are before we can jump in to build our business. I strive on motivation and accountability and check-ins, I feel it makes you push a little harder because you know someone is going to be asking you what you have accomplished or changed in the last month.  


I’ve been a realtor for 27 years and have never had any coaching, so when our Re/Max office offered free coaching I thought why not.  After the first session with Leesa, I was happy I went.  The positive energy, open forum and sharing of ideas was awesome.

Her coaching has helped me build new techniques and strategies for my business.  I highly recommend Leesa!   


It was a wonderful experience participating in these coaching session this year, great team spirit and nice to check in monthly. Coaching sessions keep me immersed in the wonderful world of real estates and I love being around like minded professionals. THANK YOU LEESA, YOU HAVE CHANGED ME. K.CULLEM.

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