executive coach, leadership facilitator, dynamic speaker & storyteller, personal development crackerjack, vision keeper, mom & wife

Throughout my life I have been driven to attain success.  I believe in living large and meeting the world head-on.  From mountains to climb, oceans to navigate and caverns to scale without the safety of a belayer, I have overcome life challenges from a young age with courage and tenacity. I have learned over time that the grace of life is in the recovery.


I have realized that I am my best when I shine brightly and help to guide others to realize and bring forth their own natural talents to the forefront and work individually with them to create a foundation to stand tall as they walk their own path. 

I believe that in the history of my life so far, there has never been a more important time for compassionate, agile and emotionally intelligent leaders. Leaders of positive change for, families, corporations and communities. One of the most painful experiences of being human is isolation, which our current world is experiencing daily. The Corona COVID 19 Pandemic has altered all of our lives and no one has been left unaffected. In a strange way I am grateful for our current level of technology and and able to work even more closely with my clients. My clients come to me from all over the world seeking clarity and solutions to their situation. Together we work to find this by using the elements around us.  For my practice, the expansiveness of the sea, eminence of the mountains the deluge of waterfalls as a frame of reference of perspectives for us to navigate. We find revelations in their resilience and transparency in their limiting beliefs and narrow perspectives.


We are living in a time where asking for help seems to come with a sense of helplessness or needing to be rescued. In my experience, help is better defined as clearing. Asking for help whether we get it or not breaks the hardness that builds in the world. For admitting our humanness lets the soul break the surface like an Orca leaping for the sun. For me, being able to help, to be the talisman for my clients and to do this kind of work fills me with gratitude. To impact people and assist in shifting their lives, in an area of such vast and incredible beauty and with overflowing pride to be a third-generation Island Girl, I could not ask for a more beautiful life.

I love my Family...I can honestly say that if I didn't have the love and amazing support of my husband and 4 step-children over the past 22 years, I could not have achieved the accomplishments and challenges that I have.  They give me love and support and I can feel them behind me in everything I set out to do.

In life, many of us have dreams, big dreams, and our job is to take a chance and live fully. If I had let myself stay in the chains of my limiting self beliefs and negative self talk, I would have never tasted the succulence of the life I lead today. 

And now I'm making my dream become a reality. I'm guiding others on their journey and I'm sharing the joy of fulfilling their dreams.  I've gathered my life wisdom and experience as an entrepreneur, trauma technician.leader and certified professional coach, and here I am...

I can’t wait to work with you!

I look forward to connecting... let's chat  1-604-220-9260

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