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The Living with COVID evolution of success.

The evolution of personal success is messy. It's a fight. No Question.

If we take the last 5 months of the year 2020 and recount the new levels of difficulty we have had to endure, as humans, we should all get a free "Level Up" Badge.

In difficult times the tendency to find quick and successful results for our day to day issues was at an all time high. Wash your hands, yes that's it. Ok, wash your hands and disinfect every surface you own, ok got it! Sciocial distance, add this to your daily routine. This just in, wear gloves! Attention glove wearers, its ok, please don't wear them, sanitize instead...all the really all the time. THIS just in, it's masks, wear N95 masks! UPDATE, it's not the N95...Just wear a mask, social distance and wear a mask.

If we had to endure this level of evolution for every road block in or lives we would be exhausted...ok wait, we do in fact have to course correct this much on a daily or weekly level, it's just not recognised, debated and in the news and social media 24/7...but we do.

As humans our tendency to emphasize quick and easy changes for success and they become our go to, our knee jerk reaction is to fix and move on. This type of reaction tends to catapult humans into a mindset of ease fixes equal enormous results...although it is titillating to think all we need to do is "turn down a new road", leave lovers and jobs we hate and think new thoughts and all will be good! Spoiler alert, it's not.

There is nothing quick or beneficial about quick fixes for real change, real clarity and real peace of mindfulness. This type of change takes real commitment. The roll up your sleeves and focus on one thing at a time type of personal honestly that change habits, behaviors and thoughts. In short there is nothing that will imprint, impact and course correct your life faster than real and honest changes.

If COVID has taught me anything it is; to take a breath when I feel overwhelmed. To think about my impact on my life, my family and my quarantine buddy, and stay. Stay in the moment, stay in the realness of what is, stay in the process of one day at a time. Most important is to STAY. This new programing has given me the strength and the intestinal fortitude to face all incoming energies and reactions head on. It's given me grace in times of difficult feedback. Courage in times of sheer and utter emotional discomfort and grief. Most importantly the strength to life my own self up and out of the despair and into a lighter place with less personal tourment.

Let's be more canine and less Homo sapiens... If we; Sit, Stay, Wait... we will get a treat!

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