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5 Ways to Start Loving Yourself!

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

5. I believe that we should always be reaching for feelings of joy. If you can always try to reach for what makes you feel joy and fulfillment, you will always be moving towards your desires. When you focus your actions on the best for you, then you will be experiencing joy as you move through your day, every day.

4. Be conscious of where your thoughts go throughout the day. Most of us travel through our days without any real consciousness of our thoughts or our intentions. My experience has been that if you set an intention of happiness and fulfillment at the start of your day and then find yourself distracted mid-day and have become negative, try to look back on why? What was the trigger? What changed your direction, how were you taken off track? Be more aware of what derails you and choose to reset in that moment.

3. Be loving to others. I have been practicing this most of my life, even as a small girl. I was raised mostly by my Grandmother and the lessons she taught me on how to reach out to people still live in my day to day actions. Her wisdom of giving a smile instead of looking to receive one. Reach out and help someone else when you are feeling empty. Take the time to lift a stranger with a kind word, a hearty "How-do-you-do?". Whenever we go in our day there are many opportunities to pay our joy forward and delight in the swift return of our actions.

2. Know your worth. You are worthy of love, freedom, and excitement. You are powerful. You are good. You have purpose. You have value. You are love. Believe this in everything you think and every action you take, small or large. You have the strength and ability to achieve greatness in you life. Know this, and if you need to get some help to get your thoughts into this rhythm, you deserve it!

1. Don’t ever lower your standards. It’s never a good idea to lower your standards for those who don’t want to raise theirs. Set your standards sky high and aim for the mountain top. Decide that it’s time to stop wasting time with people who have no ambition, no goals, no plans, no drive, no determination, and take no action. We want to surround ourselves with like minded individuals who are in alignment with our values, our dreams and our goals. Truly seek those who you admire and can grow with. Your environment of the right people will lift you to the stars!

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