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Keep your eye on the prise!

Life these days is so incredibly full. Full of action, full of ideas, tasks, deadlines, commitments, schedules, appointments, responsibilities and people! "PHEW!" Family, co-workers, bosses, staff, babysitters, dr's, partners, clients and everyone else who is part of our daily journey. It is so easy to be distracted by the brightest shiny object that pops up in front of us. We are one a mission and all of a sudden "SQUIRREL!" and we take off in a different direction. If we have tasks to complete that we don't fully enjoy like paper work, taxes, homework, laundry, or anything we don't find the excitement or joy in we can be swayed very easily to change our direction away from the task at hand.

If we can set in our sights at the start of everyday on the tasks that we need to complete, the ones with a "no option" or "must do" and keep that focus until the task is complete how much more flow would we have? How content, in even the smallest amount, could we achieve?

Set your sites on one task, put that task in your crosshairs and aim. Start with one task a day and see how it feels to have it off of your to do list. As my grandmother used to say, "it's the way you eat and elephant bite at a time!"

Try it...take one bite!

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